Meditating in a lucid dream

I am by the ocean. It is a rugged place, with a small sandy beach backed by a high cliff face – much like you see in the Great Australian Bight area. I am down on the beach when the world suddenly opens up around me and I am lucid.

Despite the rugged surrounds, the air is still and the sea almost calm. The sun is neither too hot nor cool and the sky is a clear blue with only a few clouds in the distance – a perfect balmy day. I look up at the cliff face and spy a ledge about 60 metres up. Very much in control, I effortlessly fly up to the ledge.

The ledge is a clear, flat space of rock just large enough to do a sun salutation without danger. Above me, the cliff continues up another 30 metres or so. I feel the space, the air around me, the thrill of being awake in my dreamspace and realise that this is the perfect opportunity and the perfect place to fulfil my desire to meditate in a lucid dream.

So I sit down into my customary half lotus and stare out over the ocean. I am very much alone in this beautiful wilderness – there is nothing human in sight. I feel light and wonderful. I slowly close my eyes. The scene goes dark – my mind swirls, wavers, loses focus, loses its grip on the dream and I wake up laughing.

[Edit: it is possible – and wonderful – to meditate in a lucid dream but for me at least, the dream eyes must remain open.]

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