Soundscape 2

S oundscape 2 isn’t that far away.

Why Soundscape 2?

I didn’t set out to write Soundscape 2; I actually just wanted to do a Soundscape update. But in the process of that update I:

  • Removed OpenFrameworks
  • Refactored from C++ to Objective C
  • Switched from OpenGL ES 1 to OpenGL ES 2.0

In other words, it turned out to be a complete rewrite. Even then, I still wanted to stay with a plain update. But as I ran the old and new code side by side, I realised that the new code created subtle differences in the visuals that I couldn’t seem to remove. Maybe that’s a testimony of incompetence, or perhaps it’s a statement of where I’m at at the moment psychologically. I don’t know. But it was obvious that where Soundscape was a “yin” app, Soundscape 2 was much more “yang”. Soundscape 2 quite likes some fast paced tracks thrown at it – whereas Soundscape was always a more mellow creature.

So rather than lose the delicacy of Soundscape, I thought it best to leave it alone and move on to an entirely new release. And besides, Soundscape 2 differences are not just an under-the-bonnet. It now has 9 visualisation modes, it responds to music played through your headphones, has a great UI, and more. It really is an evolution in the concept and deserves to stand alone.

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